About Torelli Spearfishing Equipment

Founded in Australia in 1996, Torelli Spearfishing is dedicated to providing the finest quality spearfishing equipment for the recreational and competition spearfishermen. Our gear is so highly regarded that we also supply to commercial diving industries. With the launch of Torelli International in 2011, spearfishermen and divers worldwide can now experience the professional performance of Australia’s best spearfishing and diving gear.

Australia’s Oceans are unforgiving proving grounds. It’s in these harsh and varied conditions that our gear is tested by champions. You can’t afford to compromise when it comes to the ocean. That’s why we source the highest quality materials from all over the world.

Our top of the line wetsuits are manufactured from superior Japanese Yamamoto closed micro-cell neoprene. The woven carbon skin barrel of the Torelli Taipan is filled with polyurethane foam for maximum strength and perfect balance. Our speargun mechanisms are the sturdiest European Simotel design. Our spearguns are even hand-assembled by spearfishermen for spearfishermen. So when that fish of a lifetime appears from behind a bommie or you’re simply on the hunt for a tasty addition to the dinner table, you can have total confidence in your equipment. The rest is up to you.

This attention to detail makes Torelli gear number one for reliability and why it’s used by Australian spearfishing champions who demand precision and consistent performance no matter what the ocean throws at them.

If you’re going to gear up, gear up with the best.